A selection of my achievements in my self-taught coding journey

OxFEST (Oxford Females in Engineer, Science, and Technology)

OxFEST is one of the largest student-led societies at the University of Oxford and is dedicated to supporting women in STEM subjects and careers.

The previous website was built on Wordpress Blog and had remained largely unchanged since 2012, thus it was no longer fit-for-purpose in today's mobile-first world. Another challenge that the OxFEST committee faced each year was that the IT Officer role seemed out of reach for female students who did not have experience in web development.

As such, I spent the summer of 2019 completely migrating the site to a website builder and overhauled the UI, so more passionate female student leaders can get involved in the future even if they don't know how to code!

One-page demo site

Using primarily HTML and CSS, I built this site from the lens of a developer looking to have a basic one-page site to promote his / her services. This is an example site that can also be replicated and extended for sole proprietors or small businesses looking to have a basic online presence for minimal annual maintenance fees.

Interested in having your own site? Contact me and let's discuss!

Web-based To Do App

This is a web-based to-do list app built on HTML, CSS, and Javascript, using the TDD approach. In addition to practicing TDD steps, I also learned to apply DOM manipulation techniques to create dynamic changes on the page based on the user's actions (e.g. button clicks).